How Leads180 Works

We make business success faster and easier


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Sign up and we go to work for you, making sure your website becomes popular for hundreds of search terms related to your your products and services in every city you service.

You move up the ranks

Within a short period of time, your website generates an increasing number of leads as it moves up in search engine rankings. Our easy to understand monthly reports demonstrate the progress in terms of rankings and leads.

Total Domination

Over time (typically 6-12 months) you’ll end up with top rankings, excellent website traffic from people who are searching for what you offer and you’ll gain a steady stream of new leads and customers.

How We Do It?

We use SEO to improve your website’s rankings in search engines. As a result your website will gain more traffic, leads and customers.


Your website will be enriched with valuable new content on an ongoing basis. Search engines love rewarding content-rich websites with top rankings.


Your website will gain hundreds of highly relevant keywords. The more keywords you have, the more search rankings and traffic you’ll get.

Rich Media

Your website will be enhanced with rich media including photos, videos and maps. This will make your website stand out among the crowd and gain top search rankings.


Advanced schema, used by Google to better understand your content, will be added to your website and significantly improve your SEO.


Collect and display video and written testimonials on your own website to gain a significant boost to your traffic from search engines.


Your websites location authority, an important local search signal, will be enhanced by auto Geo-tagging of your content.

Internal Linking

Your website will gain an optimized internal linking structures that will result in more top rankings in every city you service.

User Experience

Our software adds user experience enhancements to your website that improve interactions, time on site, and conversions. This results in lower bounce rates and therefore more sustainable high rankings.

Social Sharing

Use our on-demand sharing features to quickly and easily reach prospects and customers through social media. Automated rules-based social media posts are also available for even greater exposure.


Your website’s rankings will improve as our team builds up your citations (online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number). Google uses citations as an important ranking factor when evaluating the online authority of your business.


Use our software to get dozens and even hundreds of positive reviews every month on the sites that count most, including Google, Yelp, and Facebook. These reviews are provide Google with an important ranking indicator. More reviews result and higher rankings, especially in local search results.


Your website will gain traffic and rankings through backlinks (links that are directed towards your website) that our team pursues for you. As the number of quality backlinks you get increases, Google will consider your website more relevant and rank you higher.

We use SEO tools and processes to improve your website’s rankings in search engines. As a result your website gains more traffic, leads and customers.